Interpretation Services

  • Conference Interpretation for large international exchanges. This may involve simultaneous interpretation, using soundproof booths and wireless equipment, or consecutive interpretation, addressing the audience directly from the stage.
  • Seminar Interpretation for smaller, often less formal exchanges. This may involve simultaneous interpretation, using wireless equipment, or consecutive interpretation. Such work often involves the  translation of presentation materials as well.
  • Escort Interpretation for small to medium sized groups. This typically involves consecutive interpretation of tour guide information, or simply narrative information provided directly by the interpreter.
  • Private Interpretation. Typical at international exchanges are smaller side meetings involving one-on-one dialogue on specific matters.
  • Conference Calls. We will arrange your conference call and provide consecutive interpretation among multiple parties.
  • Movie & Television Production work may involve either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation work and/or voice-over work.

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Translation Services


  • Technical Documents, Books, Manuals and other documents.
  • Advertising Brochures, Pamphlets and other graphics-rich documents.
  • Correspondence, official, business or personal, from electronic (email), printed, or handwritten originals.
  • Electronic Publishing Services. State-of-the-art desktop publishing software and can deliver translated documents in electronic form, including MS PowerPoint presentations.
  • Rapid Service via Electronic Mail and Fax. Most translations can be delivered electronically via email directly to you or your international partner.

Cross-Cultural Training Services

  • Business “survival skills,” cross-cultural training. An important component of Ms. Guggenheim’s services is helping American organizations reach better understanding of their NIS counterparts and familiarize themselves with local customs and traditions and business culture and vice-versa. Representatives from different cultures are often challenged to communicate comfortably, especially when participants come from completely different backgrounds and lack common points of reference. Ms. Guggenheim works to discover and communicate these individuals’ common points of reference, whatever they might be, and use them as the first step in establishing a dialogue. In her work, she has found that people often reject what they do not recognize as familiar, even to the point of demonstrating hostile and aggressive behavior. In such cases, her role is to help them understand what they may not be aware of or provide them with a different perspective. She has learned how to deal with a wide range of intercultural challenges and have succeeded in building mutual trust and respect as a foundation for open communication. Ms. Guggenheim draws from a deep understanding of intercultural business issues and the ability to communicate them successfully.
  • Russian Language Training at all levels is provided by Ms. Guggenheim for business persons, academics, or tourists. Language training is available individually or for groups.

Liaison & Logistical Support Services

Liaison services between host and visiting delegation. Ms. Guggenheim serves as a liaison among the participants and host companies and has played a ongoing role in planning, logistics and otherwise ensuring that the programs run smoothly. This work has also required interpretation of telephone interviews and translation of exit surveys and other forms completed by program participants. When traveling with visiting delegations, interpreters must often serve as a liaison among different individuals and companies participating in the programs. This role goes beyond the translation of spoken language and requires the interpreter to develop an in-depth knowledge of program participants in order to provide each with a better context and fuller understanding through the course of the program. Through the course of most exchanges, the interpreter serves as the primary liaison between the visiting group and its hosts. This requires sensitivity and good listening skills, as well as the ability to think on one’s feet and solve problems.

Logistical support (Travel, Interpretation Equipment, Conference Logistics). A successful program begins with good planning and attention to detail and the clear and consistent communication of this information to planners and participants. Of course, as programs evolve, changes (both expected and unexpected) are inevitable. Therefore, it is important to be flexible and creative, to be able to adapt to new circumstances, and to keep the program on track. Throughout a program, visiting delegates in unfamiliar circumstances find themselves challenged by a myriad of minutia. It is critical to be well-organized, monitor and record individual needs and schedules, and serve as a repository for important information, such as telephone numbers, room numbers and travel information. Finally, the frantic pace of a traveling seminar requires strong discipline in the ongoing tracking and organization of expense information, receipts, and the tracking of hours for accounting purposes. Drawing upon extensive experience with traveling delegations, Ms. Guggenheim is well-prepared to provide strong logistical support for any delegation.