Other Topics


Representative Assignments:

  • Seminar: The Role of Environmental NGOs in Policy Making Decisions. USAID-sponsored seminar for Russian NGOs, administered by Futurepast, Inc.
  • Russian NGO Delegation: Strategies for Effective NGO Operation. Provided simultaneous interpretation for a USAID-sponsored exchange under the direction of Futurepast, Inc., Arlington, VA. Also provided translation of presentation materials.
  • Translation of Business Contracts. Translated a range of business contracts for Russian firms and visiting business persons from the U.S. and U.K.
  • Security Delegation. Interpreter and coordinator for an American delegation to Russia involving former CIA and KGB officials to review security issues. (This delegation was featured on Ed Bradley’s Street Stories, CBS-TV.)
  • Art Museum Directors’ Delegation. Provided interpretation and coordination for an American delegation to Russia to exchange ideas on the management of museums and preservation technologies.
  • American community social programs delegation. Provided interpretation for an American delegation to Moscow and St. Petersburg examining community-based social programs.
  • Conference: New Trends in Economics Education. Provided interpretation for Moscow conference on new trends in economics education, presented by a visiting American delegation. Russian participants included economic advisors to former President Gorbachev.