Finance & Economics


Representative Assignments:

  • Conference: U.S. Trade & Development Agency Conference on Power & Transport Projects. Provided simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for a U.S. Trade and Development Agency-sponsored conference in St. Louis examining power and transport project opportunities in the NIS and Central and Eastern Europe. Conference was co-sponsored by the World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Provided simultaneous interpretation for U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Mickey Kantor.
  • Seminar Series on Mass Privatization. Provided simultaneous interpretation for seminar series entitled, Mass Privatization and After for Ukrainian policy makers, hosted by the Institute for Public/Private Partnerships, Washington, DC. Topics included business management, marketing, urban infrastructure development.
  • Seminar Series on Social Programs for Governmental Officials. Provided simultaneous interpretation for visiting delegation from Africa, Eastern Europe and NIS, hosted by the Institute for Public/Private Partnerships, Washington, DC
  • Translation of Business Contracts. Translated a range of business contracts for Russian firms and visiting business persons from the U.S. and U.K.
  • Conference: New Trends in Economics Education. Provided interpretation for Moscow conference on new trends in economics education, presented by a visiting American delegation. Russian participants included economic advisors to former President Gorbachev.

Translation Services


  • Technical Documents, Books, Manuals and other documents.
  • Advertising Brochures, Pamphlets and other graphics-rich documents.
  • Correspondence, official, business or personal, from electronic (email), printed, or handwritten originals.
  • Electronic Publishing Services. State-of-the-art desktop publishing software and can deliver translated documents in electronic form, including MS PowerPoint presentations.
  • Rapid Service via Electronic Mail and Fax. Most translations can be delivered electronically via email directly to you or your international partner.

Professional Russian Interpreter & Conference Interpretation Services

Svetlana Guggenheim - Russian Interpreter/Translator - Cross-Cultural Trainer
is the home of professional Russian Interpreter, Translator and Cross-Cultural Trainer, Svetlana Guggenheim, who has worked extensively throughout the United States, Russia, and other republics of the Newly Independent States (NIS) with government officials, scientists, economists, businesspeople, and a broad range of delegations. 

As a Russian native who has lived in the United States for more than 20 years, Ms. Guggenheim not only offers professional conference interpretation services, but also assists businesses in both the United States and the former Soviet Union in successfully conducting business with their counterparts, focusing especially on cross-cultural differences and strategies.

Ms. Guggenheim is an experienced simultaneous & consecutive Russian Interpreter and contractor to Language Services of the U.S. Department of State.


  • Simultaneous and consecutive Russian-English interpretation.
  • Russian-English interpretation for professional conferences, speakers and movie and television productions using state-of-the-art interpretation equipment, including wireless systems and soundproof booths.
  • Assistance to American firms and delegations doing business in Russia and interpretation and translation for visiting delegations from Russia and the Newly Independent States (NIS).
  • Interpretation for a wide range of technical material, including energy sector issues, economic/privatization, environmental, mathematical, medical, educational, linguistic, business management, real estate and cultural information.
  • Business “survival skills” for the American doing business in the NIS.
  • Logistical support for coordination of conferences, delegations and travel.
  • Translation of written documents, technical reports, etc.

Choosing a Russian Interpreter for Your Conference or Meeting…

Choosing an interpreter should not be an afterthought when developing an international conference or project. The abilities of your Russian Interpreter are critical to the success of your exchange. For more information on interpretation and translation, see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).