Medical & Health Care

Representative Assignments:


  • Seminar: Pesticide Induced Infant Mortality and Genetic Defects in Central Asian Republics. Hosted by American International Health Alliance (AIHA). Provided simultaneous interpretation for visiting physicians from Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
  • Seminar: Rural Healthcare and Environmental Awareness. Designed by the Institute for International Education for visiting physicians from NIS.
  • Uzbekistan delegation on rural health care. Provided simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for orientation of visiting Uzbekistan delegation on rural health care practices in the United States, sponsored by the U.S. Trade & Development Agency and assisted by the Institute of International Education’s Professional Exchange Program.
  • Russian-American Exchange on Public Health Issues. Under auspices of People to People International, Spokane, WA, provided interpretation for a Russian-American exchange of physicians, public health officials, and environmental scientists, including children’s health problems, reproductive health issues, emergency medical care, environmental effects on health, and epidemiologic research.
  • Hazardous Waste Delegation. Provided interpretation for American delegation to Russia and Belarus examining hazardous waste management and radiation waste issues, including Chernobyl.
  • Translation of medical diagnosis and treatment procedures. For a major emergency care hospital facility, provided written translation of medical diagnosis/treatment procedures in the fields of cardiology (congestive heart failure, newborn heart defects) and urology (dialysis, male reproductive health).
  • Medical procedures meeting. Provided simultaneous interpretation for an editorial meeting on developing an international manual for neonatal resuscitation medical procedures. Meeting was hosted by the American International Health Alliance, Washington, DC, and was attended by American, Russian, Ukrainian, and Uzbek participants.
  • International medical conference. Provided simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for the Fourth Annual Conference of the American International Health Alliance in Des Moines, Iowa. Conference attendees included representatives from throughout the NIS. Subject matter included laparoscopic surgical procedures, cancer screening procedures, AIDS treatment, and issues concerning high-risk pregnancies, including complications caused by HIV and diabetes.