Interpretation Services

  • Conference Interpretation for large international exchanges. This may involve simultaneous interpretation, using soundproof booths and wireless equipment, or consecutive interpretation, addressing the audience directly from the stage.
  • Seminar Interpretation for smaller, often less formal exchanges. This may involve simultaneous interpretation, using wireless equipment, or consecutive interpretation. Such work often involves theĀ  translation of presentation materials as well.
  • Escort Interpretation for small to medium sized groups. This typically involves consecutive interpretation of tour guide information, or simply narrative information provided directly by the interpreter.
  • Private Interpretation. Typical at international exchanges are smaller side meetings involving one-on-one dialogue on specific matters.
  • Conference Calls. We will arrange your conference call and provide consecutive interpretation among multiple parties.
  • Movie & Television Production work may involve either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation work and/or voice-over work.

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Translation Services


  • Technical Documents, Books, Manuals and other documents.
  • Advertising Brochures, Pamphlets and other graphics-rich documents.
  • Correspondence, official, business or personal, from electronic (email), printed, or handwritten originals.
  • Electronic Publishing Services. State-of-the-art desktop publishing software and can deliver translated documents in electronic form, including MS PowerPoint presentations.
  • Rapid Service via Electronic Mail and Fax. Most translations can be delivered electronically via email directly to you or your international partner.